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Little Green Kitchens is a unique luxury kitchen design company because we are equally as passionate about the environment as we are about design.  Each year thousands of tons of construction waste are added to our landfills when much of it can be reused and given a new, beautiful life. Additionally homeowners unknowingly discard cabinets, counter tops, lighting and appliances that may no longer fit their needs, squandering potentially tens of thousands of dollars that can be added back into their renovation budget.

Like many re-modelers we went into our own kitchen renovation project, high-end glossy magazines in hand, and were overcome with sticker shock.  With over 50% of kitchen budgets going to cabinetry and appliances, our champagne wishes were out of reach.  By purchasing a complete kitchen from another family embarking on their own remodeling project, we ended up with the luxury kitchen of our dreams.  The cabinets and appliances were slotted for disposal, and now they decorate the heart of our home.

Our services

Little Green Kitchens is a full-service kitchen design company. 


For sellers

  • Assess the value of your kitchen
  • Measure and photograph for sale
  • Market your kitchen for sale and handle all communications with buyers
  • Provide references for skilled tradespersons to uninstall  


For buyers

  • Provide detailed measurements and photos
  • Provide references to help determine layout changes necessary to fit the new kitchen into your space
  • Provide references for skilled tradespersons to install and repair where necessary


Little Green Kitchens works with North Shore Custom Builders.  They are a full-service design/build firm with experience working with re-installed kitchens. 

Amy Mayer


Little Green Kitchens was founded in 2015 by Amy Mayer.  In 2014 Amy found herself at the start of her own kitchen renovation, looking to attempt both the most green renovation possible and trim her budget without sacrificing style or quality. Utilizing a luxury kitchen slated for removal allowed Amy to accomplish both of these goals with flourish; and permitted the other homeowner to change the style of their space.  Amy’s experience in the resale business runs deep, having started and run the company ExpressDrop Inc., Chicagoland's first eBay drop-off store for six years. During this time, Amy became an expert in assessing value and marketing items online from household appliances to high-end fashion.  She was featured in a number of books written on eBay PowerSellers, and gave advanced education classes teaching others how to market their items online.  Amy currently lives and works in Highland Park, IL with her supportive, techie husband and two young children.